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It Is the new concept of short-term holiday rental (less than one month) on the Costa del Sol. We introduce the ingredients of MTC in order to make the customer experience a truly unique one at a moderate price to its equivalents with the same degree of service. We have invented the concept of "affordable luxury”, involving a moderate investment for the owner and a quick amortization by means of "short-term rental" segmented by a price aiming at a quality public.This is the short summary, but we invite you to know the secret ingredients of the concept.



It is the answer to the question of the person acquiring a property: What now?

The first stone of this project is laid in 2016 when, after the crisis in the real estate market, the property price changes completely, in addition the negative interest rates encourage the granting of mortgages by the financial institutions with very attractive conditions. In large cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, the acquisition of housing in 2019 is prohibitive and the people choose to rent.

In the coastal areas of Malaga, usually the focus attractor of English and Scandinavian tourism, the price of housing collapses due to the cut in the development credit leaving hundreds of urbanizations, buildings and apartments without owner, bank repossessed or in a complete uninhabitable condition.

As from 2017, banks begin to grant mortgages at both fixed and low rates, and this is how the first projects of this new venture become a reality. MICASAESTUCASA is a way of acquiring a home or taking advantage of the one you already own in order to make it profitable by means of short term rentals. Also taking into account the property's own revaluation. You only have to meet 3 requirements that we explain below.

2. Who are the potential clients (B2C) of MICASAESTUCASA?

A. An individual without properties on the Costa del Sol who wants to invest 250,000 euros (approx.) in an apartment that needs to be refurbished and decorated to MTC standards.

B. A potential investor in housing: He has nothing, but is interested in the renting business and revaluation starting from 250,000 euros. No tiene nada, pero le interesa el sector por alquiler y revalorización desde 250.000 euros.

C. Owner without a rented property: owns the property as an investment or uses it for occasional trips and does not know how to make the most of it for the rest of the year.

D. Owner with long term rental who wants an improvement on the return on investment for his property.

E. Listed Investment Companies in the Real Estate Market.

3. How much does it cost to adapt my property to the standards of MICASAESTUCASA?

The MTC diagnostic team evaluates the condition of your home based on 10 levels from D1 (requires complete refurbishment) to D10 (only needs decoration). The combination between decoration and renovation provides 4 categories depending on the economic ability of the client (all the assumptions on this web are based on a concept “Silver”).

Agency FEE (common for any project and paid only once) which is calculated after applying the formula: square meters x price per square meter that the client wishes to invest in the property (see below) x the CONSTANT MTC (K). x la CONSTANTE MTC (K).


300 to 500€ per m²


500 to 700€ per m²


700 to 1000€ per m²


Villas quotation on request

The square meters are the habitable ones and not the constructed ones. The difference between bronze and gold, for example, is based on the finishings and decorative elements, these last ones along with 29 other ingredients, provide important additional revenue to the purely short-stay holiday rental and are MTC's best-kept secret, which will be disclosed to interested clients after showing a POF required to work with us and then signing a confidentiality agreement with our law firm.

4. What are the minimum characteristics that
a property must have to obtain the MICASAESTUCASA label?

• They are 5 minutes walk from points of interest (beach or golf).

• They are 5 minutes from shopping centers or commercial spaces.

• They are in areas with an extraordinary gastronomic offer.

The final customer receives up to 30 special services that are the secret ingredients of the label.

• If the apartment meets the above requirements and also is in a poor condition ( difficult to sell by real estate agents or agencies) its price will be below market and will be a better investment for the buyer.

5. Seven reasons to belong to MICASAESTUCASA

THERE WILL BE A BRAKE ON THE BUYING AND SELLING OF APARTMENTS: the commercial argument is that the seller has the MTC tool to help him compete and to divert the profitability of the property "by itself" to the niche of "short-term tourist rental”, avoiding price fluctuation. In fact, if the properties of <200K (which is unlikely) drop, it would place us in a context of lower prices for the buyer and therefore amortizations would be shorter. We turn weakness into strength.

ECONOMIC CONTEXT OF NEGATIVE INTEREST RATES: It favors fixed-rate mortgages at around 2% (as of September 1, 2019, the cheapest is at 1.79% for 20 years) and at a variable rate with a Euribor closing August 2019 at -0.356%. In 2006, mortgages were granted at 0.17%+Euribor (around 5% at the time), which today would mean that the bank gives you money back instead of charging interest. In countries such as Denmark there are already mortgages where the banks pay the customer.
RECONVERSION OF THE SMALL INVESTOR CONCEPT: for some years now, bank deposits have not generated profits, while equities register a strong volatility with an IBEX-35 anchored in 2009-2010 numbers and only 50% higher than after the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, while the benchmark index in the USA, the S&P 500 has revalued 500% (September 2019). Creating a company under a Spanish context in which most fail in their first year due to high tax pressure and lack of stimuli or aid, is a utopia. MTC offers a sustainable alternative investment from figures starting at 250K, with a quick return on investment based on the tourist and bricks, crucial elements in Spain's GDP.
THE ULTRA-SHORT EXTENSION OF THE CONCEPT WITHIN THE GEOGRAPHICAL SCOPE: We develop our operations only in an extension of 60 km. at the Costa del Sol covering initially 3 municipalities (Mijas, Marbella and Estepona) favoring the logistics in phase I and II, as well as monitoring the conditions in this exhaustive area.

THE COMPETITION IN TOURIST RENTAL: Currently there is a high tourist demand within the geographical area in which MTC operates, well above the existing offer of a quality product for a tourist owner with the following profile, in Andalusia and where the majority does not live all year round in their homes.

O. Rest of the world: 32.41% - Emerging countries, until now unknown but with enormous economic potential, will become new customers : Mexico, Portugal,
Brazil and Eastern European countries, with Romania already appearing at the end of this list.

A. United Kingdom: 21.40% - Brexit will decrease this percentage.

B. Sweden: 11,59%

C. Belgium: 8,11%

D. France: 4.93%

E. Germany: 4,77%

F. Morocco: 4,62%

G. Netherlands: 3.80%

H. Norway: 2,89%

I. Denmark: 2.87%

J. Romania: 2.47%

Due to the high demand, the offer of quality/price with a similar luxury level as MTC provides is virtually non-existent, having a very virgin market niche.

CUSTOMER SEGMENTATION BY PRICE: this is one of the cornerstones of MTC. In phase II (exploitation of the TRP - Tourist Rental Property -), a luxury hotel service is provided to the guest and even some of our services are not offered by anyone else. The price/night/pax rises in relation to the quality of our TRP’s and all the extras that are provided, therefore we manage to catch the tourist who wants a 5 or 5GL experience within our properties, but can not access this level of hotel due to the very high price throughout the year. On the other hand, we avoid the uncaring, low-level tourist. This has a positive effect on the maintenance of the TRP.

THE EQUATION BEACH + GOLF: the demand for quality tourism is spread throughout the year, increasing the expected occupancy from 25% (high season from June to August) to more than 50%.


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